Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World

Visiting Sumner

Downtown Stage-Chamber

“If you went looking for Main Street America, you’d be hard-pressed to find a prettier one than Sumner, Washington.” -PBS

Sumner is a lot like rhubarb pie.  It’s comfortable, familiar, a little old-fashioned, a little modern adventure, but most of all, it’s completely unique with a flavor all its own.  Come “home” to Sumner for a day or weekend vacation to small-town charm.  Or, make Sumner your home for an extended stay as you explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Finding Sumner, maps and transportation options

Dining in Sumner, including rhubarb and beyond!

Visitor Center, start your visit…in a Cannery, of course

Lodging, come on in to sleep

Exploring, options in and around Sumner for every day



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